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  • Creation of Unique Wine Concept
  • Legally Securing the Name Rights
  • Setting up LLC
  • Designing Wine Labels
  • Printing Wine Labels
  • Choosing Corkage
  • Picking Bottle Types
  • Choosing a Vineyard
  • Choosing Varietals
  • Establishing a multi-state Distribution Network (additional option)
  • Brokering Product (additional option)
  • Importation or Exportation of finished product
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Please contact SBM for more information on creating, brokering, and creating a distribution network for your very own wine label.

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[prkwp_service name=”Exporting & Importing” image=”icon-globe” align=”center” prk_in=”We currently ship all over the world. Let SBM make shipping your product anywhere in the world easy and stress free. Sending your product overseas can be as easy as loading the refrigerated container that we send to your facilities and watching it drive away. ” link=”http://gosbm.com/exporting-importing/” link_text=”Learn More About Exporting Your Brand”]
[prkwp_service name=”Market Research” image=”icon-chart-line” align=”center” prk_in=”SBM offers a full service market research and consultation service. As you decide to expand your brand to a new state and are unsure of the alcohol and beverage laws, taxes, distributor networks, etc., SBM will handle all of your market research needs.” link=”http://gosbm.com/market-research/” link_text=”Learn More About Market Research”]
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