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Big Bad Zin lives up to HER name!

These grapes were produced by Old Zin Vines, which are warriors in their own right, they have thrived and flourished in the rugged soils of Lodi, CA for the past 50-100 years.

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This Zinfandel is jammy with a fruit flavor that is as ripe as it is robust, showing off punches of raspberry, mocha and milk chocolate, Big Bad Zin will deliver…..and leave you coming back for more.

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About Wine Production in Lodi, California

The Lodi Appellation has a classic Mediterranean climate featuring warm days and cool evenings.  Situated directly east of the San Francisco Bay at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, cool “delta breezes” provide a reliable natural air conditioning throughout the growing season. This perfect climate allows Lodi growers to consistently produce delicious full-flavored wines that contain a refreshing natural acidity.

Lodi receives the majority of its 17” annual rainfall during the winter months. This relatively dry growing season reduces pest and disease problems, and provides growers with precise control of vine growth through careful irrigation management. This unique combination allows Lodi grapes to reach physiological ripeness with minimal impact upon the land.

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Old Zin Vines

Lodi is the self-proclaimed Zinfandel Capital of the world producing over 40 percent of California’s premium Zinfandel.  Many of the region’s most distinctive wines come from the thousands of acres of “old vines”- some dating back to the 1880’s.  Styles range from medium to full-bodied with intense red and black fruit flavors of cherries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Dating back to the late 1800′s, Lodi has a long proud history of producing some of the finest Zinfandel grapes in the state. These distinctive vineyards which survived prohibition by being packed and shipped east for home winemakers, and survived through the planting booms of the 70′s and 80′s by filling the tremendous growth for White Zinfandel, are now emerging as some of the finest Zinfandel wines being produced in California. Growers, vintners, and consumers from around the world are quickly discovering the distinctive character of Lodi Zinfandel.