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This network allows SBM the ability to quickly and strategically place new beverage products into multiple states with competitive wholesalers that are the right fit for your brand. In addition to the wholesaler networks, SBM has also maintained Chain and Independent store relationships within these markets that can be leveraged for increased distribution and growth of SBM brands.

As your brand manager, SBM gives its customers a competitive, aligned, and diligent sales distribution network for their brands. SBM will help each individual brand develop by implementing a custom business strategy that is designed to continually grow year in and year out.

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  • Initial contact with potential Distributor/Distribution Networks
  • Initiation of Formal Introduction at the Distributors Facilities
  • Creation of Pricing Structure (State by State)
  • Creation and Presentation of Initial Detailed Sales Presentation to Distributors
  • Monthly Sales Tracking Reports
  • Product Recommendations from Customer, Distributor and SBM
  • Research Franchise Law Protection for New Expansion Markets/States
  • Implementation of Market Support for Brand
    • Work with distributor management and frontline salesmen in order to drive sales
    • Attend Designated Sales Meetings
    • Attend Special Events
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[prkwp_service name=”Brands Management” image=”icon-chart-pie” align=”center” prk_in=”Don’t spend your valuable time doing what SBM has already created for you…with trusted market relationships, researched niche expectations, and knowledge of the intricate movements within wholesaler networks nationwide, SBM has the solutions your are looking for.” link=”http://gosbm.com/brands-management/” link_text=”Learn More About Moving Your Brand Forward”]
[prkwp_service name=”Exporting & Importing” image=”icon-globe” align=”center” prk_in=”We currently ship all over the world. Let SBM make shipping your product anywhere in the world easy and stress free. Sending your product overseas can be as easy as loading the refrigerated container that we send to your facilities and watching it drive away. ” link=”http://gosbm.com/exporting-importing/” link_text=”Learn More About Exporting Your Brand”]
[prkwp_service name=”Market Research” image=”icon-chart-line” align=”center” prk_in=”SBM offers a full service market research and consultation service. As you decide to expand your brand to a new state and are unsure of the alcohol and beverage laws, taxes, distributor networks, etc., SBM will handle all of your market research needs.” link=”http://gosbm.com/market-research/” link_text=”Learn More About Market Research”]
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